Past Runs

The 2018 Mississippi Mud Run, will be the 8th year for this event. We learn a few things every year and it just keeps getting better. The course changes a bit every year due to river conditions and what summer storms, and flooding give us for natural obstacles. Also our local business sponsors who help with the man-made obstacles like to come up with new ideas for us. Check out the links below for past years photos and other artifacts. 

Mississippi Mud Run 2017

Mississippe Mud Run 2016

Mississippe Mud Run 2015
- Video coverage of the event by and Tom Nelson of Prairie du Chien.
- Head-mounted GoPro video done by a 2014 participant. Check out Part 1, and Part 2!
- Event posters Small Poster, Large Poster

Mississippi Mud Run 2013
- 2013 Facebook Album
- Short YouTube video of the water slide on the 2013 course, seems he thought the landing was a little hard.

Mississippi Mud Run 2012

Mississippi Mud Run 2011